Jacob and Esau Snacks

Daniel In The Lions Den Snacks

lion cupcakes

David and Goliath Snacks

 Gods Creation Snacks

clouds *pic

 Job Snacks

Job Popcorn *pic

Job Marshmallows *pic

 Jonah and The Whale Snacks

Jonah soup  *Pic

Jonah and the Whale Jello *pic

 Josephs Coat Of Many Colors Snacks

Josephs Coat of many colors cupcake

 Saul and The Witch of Endor Snacks

Witch Cookies or Saul Cupcakes We do not support witches!

The 10 Plagues of Egypt Snacks

(Water To Blood Cupcake)-Plague #1  *pic

(Frog Cake)-Plague #2  *pic

(Frog Cupcakes)-Plague #2  *pic

(Gnat Snacks)-Plague #3  *pic

(Gnat Cupcakes)-Plague #3  *pic

(Fly Cupcakes and Fly Drinks)-Plague #4  *pic

(Cow Pies)- Plague #5  *pic

(Ashes Recipe) -Plague #6  *pic

(Hail Donuts) - Plague #7  *pic

Grasshopper Strawberry Shortcake Roll - Plague #8 *pic

(Darkness Swiss Roll - Plague #9  *pic

(Pharaoh cupcake) - Plague #10  *pic

10 Commandments Snacks

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Battle of Jericho Snacks

Walls of Jericho Cake *pic


 New Testament Snacks

 Armor of God Snacks

Armor of God Cupcakes *pic

Shield Snack

 Born Again Snacks

Pretzel Butterflies  *Pic

Fish and Loaves Snacks

Fish Sticks and Homemade Bread *pic

Fishers Of Men Snacks

Fishers of Men Cake*pic

Fruit of The Spirit Snacks

Fruit of the Spirit Peacock *pic

Holy Spirit Snacks

Holy Spirit Popcorn *pic

Holy Spirit Cupcake *pic

Lazarus Raised From Dead Snacks

Lazarus Dogs *pic

Lazarus Popcorn *pic

The 12 Disciples Snacks

The 12 Disciples Cupcakes *pic

The Birth of Jesus Snacks

Baby Jesus in a blanket

The Parable of the Builder 

Counting the Cost Snacks

Parable of the Builder cupcakes *pic

The Parable of The Sower Snacks

Sower Cupcakes  *pic

The Last Supper Snacks

Oyster Crackers and Grape Juice

The Parable Of The Lost Sheep Snacks

The Lost Sheep Cake *pic

The Parable of The

Pearl of Great Price Snacks
Pearl Cookies

The Parable Of The Widow Woman And The Unjust Judge Snacks

Gavel Snacks*Pic

The Mustard Seed Snacks

Hot Dogs

Mustard Seed Cupcakes *pic

Paul and Silas In Jail Snacks

Prison Bars and Music Notes *Pic

 Paul Bitten By Viper Snacks

Paul Bitten By Viper Cake *Pic

Peter Raised Tabitha "Dorcas" From The Dead

Needle and Thread Cupcakes

The Prodigal Son Snack

Corn Husks and Mud "Pig Slop" Pic

Streets of Gold & Mansions In Heaven Snacks

Streets of Gold Jello  *Pic

Mansions In Heaven Cupcakes

Zacchaeus Snacks 

Zacchaeus Treetops

Holiday Snacks 

Easter Snacks

Fourth of July Snacks 

Flag Snack

Mother's Day Snacks

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Valentine's Day Snacks

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Labor Day Snacks

Working For God Ziplock Snack *pic

 Fall Snacks 

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Thanksgiving Snacks

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Sunday School Snacks

Fun and unique snack ideas for the kids in Sunday school or Children's church. We have Old Testament snacks, New Testaments Snacks, Holiday Snacks for Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. And we also have Miscellaneous Snacks. Free printable templates to print out and easy recipes that kids will love. Make the lesson come alive with these outstanding fun snack recipes!