Bible Wheel of Fortune Cake by Goes with our Bible Wheel Of Fortune Game


Bible Wheel of Fortune Cake by Goes with our Bible Wheel Of Fortune Game idea

Bible Wheel of Fortune Cake 

Small Round Cake Pan

Bible Wheel of Fortune Template


White Frosting

Cake Mix


Just bake a cake in a small round pan and let it cool down. Ice the cake in white frosting. Print the Bible Wheel of Fortune template off. Cut it out and laminate it. Lay the wheel down on top of the cake. Then take some toothpicks or you could use pretzel sticks and stick down in the edge of cake all around for the metal spikes. This is just an easy way to make this cake. If you really want to get all out there then you could attempt the real deal by piping all that mess on there. hahahah I thought I would skip on that for today. I was not up for that. I seen some pretty cool cakes that people made of these and they actually iced all of the wheel on top. I even seen one that actually spun. Once again I was not up for all that. You might want to take the cake out of the cake pan and finish icing the cake. I just left mine in the cake pan because I felt like it... :)

(In case if you haven't noticed, I really like my laminator I got from Wal-mart. I use it a lot throughout this website. I like to laminate everything!)

Make this for a fun snack for the kids at church or at home for fun! Your kids will love it!

Play the Bible Wheel of Fortune Game with them to help them get excited about learning scriptures.


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