Children's Church- Ideas for the kids!

 Children's Church "Ideas for the kids"

Down below is a few ideas that you can do with your preschool kids or elementary kids at church. The kids will have fun with these fun party ideas! Try the Pizza Party or at Christmas time try doing the Gingerbread Party!

Gingerbread Party For Children's Church- A fun idea for the kids at church!
Pizza Party Idea for Children's Church- A fun party idea for your kids at church!
Chicken Nugget Party for Childrens Church- A fun party idea for the preschool kids!

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Youth Trip Ideas 

Fundraising Ideas- Bake Sales For Church- Lots of Ideas on what to sell

 Fundraising Ideas- Bake Sales

Some of the things listed are things the kids can do for the entire class time just to break up the same old routine. Sometimes the kids and teachers like the change.

1. Bible Crafts-Coloring, Cutting, Gluing, Drawing
2. Bible Painting
3. Crafting With Food
4. Bible Movie & Popcorn
5.Game Day-using Bible games