Sunday School Crafts

If you're looking for our Sunday School Crafts then you can find all of that over on our other website.We have tons of Bible Sunday school crafts that can be matched up with our lesson plans that we offer. We have Adam and Eve Sunday School Crafts, Abraham Sunday School Crafts, Jesus Sunday School Crafts, Parables of Jesus Sunday School Crafts, Noah's Ark Sunday School Crafts, Jonah and The Whale Sunday School Crafts, Joseph and The Coat of Many Colors Sunday School lessons, Holiday Sunday School Crafts such as Christmas Sunday School Crafts, Thanksgiving Turkey Sunday School Crafts, Easter Sunday School Crafts, Valentine's Day Sunday School Crafts. We also offer Seasonal Sunday school crafts such as summer Sunday school crafts, winter Sunday school crafts, fall Sunday school crafts, Spring Sunday school crafts. 

You might also like our cardboard roll Sunday school crafts made from brand new toilet paper rolls that you can buy from We have lots of cool ones like Angel Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, Jesus toilet paper roll crafts, Mary and Baby Jesus toilet paper roll crafts, Samson and Delilah toilet paper roll crafts, Adam and Eve Toilet paper Roll Crafts, Armor of God Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, Jacob's Ladder Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, Fish and Loaves Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, Prodigal Son Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, Ten Plagues of Egypt Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, Three Wise Men Toilet Paper Roll Crafts, Holiday toilet paper roll crafts such as Reindeer Toilet paper roll crafts, nativity toilet paper roll crafts, snowman toilet paper roll crafts, turkey thanksgiving toilet paper roll crafts.

We also have some Sunday school lapbook folder crafts that the kids can cut out and do. We have a Let's Be An Ant lapbook folder craft for Proverbs 6:6, The Life of Tabitha Dorcas Acts 9:36 Lapbook folder craft, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead lapbook folder Sunday school craft, An Eye for An Eye old testament lapbook folder craft idea using marshmallows as teeth and tinfoil as feelings and real toothbrushes.

We have some printable templates for Bible doorknob hangers for the kids to color and cut out.  

Church House Crafts