Others Names For God

Other Names For God

Name                        Scripture                      Meaning

Adonai                        Ps 2:4                       Lord, Master

El-Berith                    Judg 9:46                 God of the Covenant

El Elyon                     Gen 14:18-20             Most high God/Exalted One

El Olam                      Gen 21:33                 The Eternal God

El Shaddai                 Gen 17:1-2                All Powerful God

Qedosh Yisra'el         Isa 1:4                      The Holy One of Israel

Shapat                       Gen 18:25                  Judge/Ruler

Yahweh-jereh             Gen 22:14                 Yahweh Provides

Yahweh-seba'ot         1 Sam 1:3                  Yahweh of Armies

Yahweh-shalom          Judg 6:24                 Yahweh is Peace

Yahweh-tsidkenu       Jer 23:6                    Yahweh Our Righteousness

Aramic Names

Attiq yomin                    Dan 7:9                  Ancient of Days

Illaya                            Dan 7:25                      Most High