Ideas for Children's Church Youth Trips:

  1. Noah's Ark at Sight and Sound Theatres in Branson Missouri or Strasburg, Pennsylvania 
  2. Passion Play Eureka Springs, Arkansas (more info)
  3. Holy Land Experience Orlando, Florida (more info)
  4. Ozark Folk Center Moutain View, Arkansas

Ideas for Children's Church Youth Trips and Events:


  1. Pizza Hut 
  2. Bowling 
  3. Fishing
  4. Hot Dog And Hamburger Cookout at Park
  5. Fair
  6. Christian Music Concerts
  7. Christian Plays or Dramas
  8. Restaurants
  9. Movie Night with Popcorn at your local church 
  10. Church Camps
  11. Harvest Festival- hay rides, bon fire, roast hot dogs & marshmallows, Candy at your local church
  12. Bounce House Festival -Bounce Houses Cotton Candy, Pinata and Games at your local church
  13. Christmas Festival-build gingerbread Church houses, hot chocolate, Christmas Jesus Crafts, 
  14. Easter Festival- Color Eggs, Easter Jesus Risen Crafts, Easter Food Cookout
  15. Valentine Festival- Make valentine Cards and go to your local nursing home to give them out.
  16. Adopt a Child- Have your children's church kids adopt one of the Feed The Children, and get their photo and updates. Have all the kids write the child a letter monthly and send a small gift.
  17. Christmas Angel Tree- Have your kids go to the bank or where ever they have an angel tree and pick a child's name out to help for Christmas. 
  18. Christmas Food Basket- Have the children all bring one item of food to make a food basket for 1 needy family.

 Children's Church Groups

Needing some names to start a group or function at church for your kids? Here are some to help you out. I have put together a list of names with age groups for you to use. Use them however you need. Each group will have different activities for their age level. This would be something great to have in place at your church if you work with the youth. The toddlers from ages 1-3 

         Jehovah's Bubblegum Babies               

Ages 8 months- 11 months 

Boys & Girls 

Apostles In Control Youth Group Name Ideas

Apostles In Control

  Ages 4-5


Holy Spirit Cheerer's Youth Group Name Ideas

Holy Spirit Cheerer's

 Ages 4-5


    The Cupcake Conquers

Ages 6-8


Wiggle Worm Disciples 

Ages 1-3

Boys & Girls    

"FWFC" Fighting Warriors For Christ

Ages 5-6

Boys Protection Status