Smurf Cake Jesus Is The Way

Smurf Cake

"Jesus is the way!"

You might be wondering why in the world did I make a smurf cake. Well I don't know either, lol. I got bored and thought it would be cute for the kids to eat. I found a cute smurf clipart picture online and just blew it up in adobe and made a little saying to go with it that says, Jesus is the way!"  I cut them out once I printed it and laminated it.

This is definitely not the best cake I have ever made in my life.  This was a throw together cake ordeal. Running out of icing didn't help anything either. That explains the plain cake middle. Apparently when I bought icing at the store I bought two half sized icings. I didn't even know those existed. Oh well, I made it work the best I could. 

(I really don't think the kids will mind, do you?) haha

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