Resurrection Eggs

You need:

  • Template- (Black and Whiteor (Colored(You can use for a coloring page also)
  • Empty Egg Carton or (brown or White lunch bag, basket, or anything that will hold the eggs)
  • 12 Plastic Eggs
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue
  • Crayons (if you print the black and white one)
  • Peel and Stick Gems- Optional

You may have seen the original Resurrection Eggs and they use real items inside the eggs. Those are fun to do too. But this is just an easier way. You will need to make one yourself to have on hand to demonstrate and tell the story first and then have the kids do their own. This is just a basic story that leads up to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Sit the kids down in a circle. Begin to read to the kids the list 1-12 and open each egg one at a time while you are going through the list. Show the the children the little picture of what was in the egg and explain a short simplified story behind each one. Each egg has a different story. 

Palm Branch-  this is for the triumphal entry. The palm leaves were thrown down when they saw Jesus coming. Matthew 21:8

Bread- this is for the last supper when Jesus broke bread with the disciples. Matthew 26:26

Praying Hands- this is for Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane.  Mark 14:32

Coins- this is for Judas betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.  Matthew 26:14-15

Rope- this is for the rope that Jesus was bound with by soldiers  Matthew 27:2

Feather- this is for Peter denying Jesus three times and the rooster crowed like Jesus said it would. Matthew 26:34

Thorns- this is for the crown of thorns that was placed on Jesus head.  John 19:2 Purple Robe- this is for Jesus robe that was taken away.  Matthew 27:28

Cross- this is for the cross that Jesus died on for our sins. John 19:17-18

Tomb- this is for Jesus being placed in a tomb and rose on the third day.  Matthew 28:5-6

Fish- this is for Jesus eating fish with the disciples.  Luke 24:41-33

Clouds-this is for Jesus going up to Heaven. Act 1:11

Once your are done with the demonstration have the kids go to their seats and hand out the printed sheet of resurrection eggs.

Have the kids color and cut each egg out from the template that I made with the scripture included in it. If you printed the colored one then you don't have to worry about crayons. Give each child 12 plastic eggs to put the paper eggs in. Have the kids put the eggs in order in the egg carton if they are using one. 

Tape or glue the 1-12 list to the inside at the top of egg carton. If you are using a brown lunch bag just tape or glue to outside of bag. If you are using a basket then just tape to the side of basket. 

Another option is that you could just let the kids color the page and take it home instead. Just talk about each one and what they represent.

I decided to go with White Lunch Bags 
as you can see from the pictures below.

Resurrection Eggs Craft


Resurrection Eggs Craft for Kids in Sunday school or Children's Church. Free Easter Resurrection Eggs printables for small kids.

Print the black and white template off  that I made and have the kids color the eggs. Then have them cut it out. Make sure they don't cut off the scripture that goes with the egg. You or the kids can take a black sharpie marker and number plastic egg 1-12.

Resurrection Eggs Craft

 Have the kids place the correct printedegg into the plastic egg. The numbers should match up.

Easter Resurrection Bag Craft

 Tape or glue the printed Resurrection Eggs 1-12 sheetlist on the front of the bag along with the Happy Easter words.Have the kids color the star yellow.

Resurrection Eggs Craft

 Decorate the bag with anything you have laying around. I used stick on jewels that I purchased from Oriental Trading. These stick really good. And they are pretty.

Resurrection Eggs Craft

Next fill the bag up with the eggs. You're done. Now the kids have their own Resurrection Eggs. I went with white paper lunch bags instead of the egg cartons because I did not have egg cartons on hand. This is an easy and affordable way to have fun with making the Resurrection Eggs.

Church House Woodworks- (Our Store Website)

Need a good Children's Church Easter craft idea? Pictured above is our wooden tag circles that are available to purchase and can be used in a DIY Easter craft project. You could let the kids in your class draw a picture of a cross or write a scripture on the front of it. Then just run some string through it so when they take it home they can hang it up. This would be an easy and fun Children's church activity for them to do. Or you could make a "Thank You Jesus Easter Tree" for display in your class and let them hang their wood tag circles they made on it.