We have Easter Sunday school lessons, Easter Sunday school crafts, Easter Bible clipart, Easter coloring pages, Printable Easter mazes, Easter writing paper, Easter printable activities templates and more.

 We also did a DIY Sugar Eggs tutorial. If you haven't tried making sugar eggs before then you should really give it a try. It's pretty simple and all you need is few ingredients. Making sugar eggs in your children's church class would be a great Easter activity and you could fill the egg with a tiny cross. Wrap the Easter story around the hands on sugar egg activity and you will have a whole lesson plan. You could also make an Easter Resurrection craft using some popsicle sticks, yarn, empty egg shells, real grass, rocks, and a plastic bowl to recreate the Easter Resurrection scene. Use this activity when telling about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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We have a small section for school teachers on Easter. We have Easter coloring pages and some Easter math worksheets. We will add more materials over time to this section.

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