DIY Candy Corn Tree Idea for Children's Church  By Church House Collection- Fall Decoration Ideas for Sunday School Classroom

Candy Corn Tree | Decoration Idea

  • Candy Corn Holding Bibles Template (printable version)
  • Scarecrow
  • One large dead limb off a tree
  • Bucket
  • Rocks and dirt

I went out in the yard and picked out a live limb and had it chopped down. I am waiting for the leaves to die and fall off. This will give it a more fall look. Mine are almost dead now in the picture lol.. Stick this down in a bucket full or dirt and rocks. Print the candy corn bible template out. You can laminate these if you want and then hand them out to the kids in class have them cut around the candy corn and let them use a hole punch to put a hole in the top of the candy corn and run a yarn through it to hang on tree. 

You can also print other stuff off and hang on your fall tree. We also let the kids hang their pumpkin toilet paper rolls up on the tree. We stuffed a scarecrow and set it in front of the tree. I made the kids a scarecrow hair soup snack. (Chicken noodle soup in a pumpkin in case if your wondering)

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