Frog I Toad-ally Love God Coloring Page For Sunday School Kids- Free by Church House Collection

Frog "I Toad-ally Love God

Cutout Craft For Sunday School Kids

Here is a cute little frog cutout I made for small kids to do during Sunday school class or children's church. Just print the frog catching the bug template out and have the kids cut on the dotted lines and cut the frog out. Also cut the words out too. Then have them tape or glue it down on some colored cardstock or construction paper. This is a simple and easy cutout craft targeted for smaller children. If your doing an easy lesson on how God made the animals or Noah's Ark or something then you could incorporate this cutout with it.  

Frog Cutout Printable- printable version

Frog Coloring Page- printable version (have the kids draw grass under the frog. This will print out looking funny on purpose to the kids can draw the ground and flowers and a scenery underneath the frog. There will be a large space under the frog when you print it out.)

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