Valentine Matching Game
Valentine Matching Game

printable version

This is a  free printable matching game for the kids to play for Valentine's Day. Just print the template out on cardstock or regular printing paper. Laminate this and be sure to add a piece of dark thin paper behind the game template when laminating. If you don't do this, the pictures will show right through the back.

Or just use some glue and glue some dark colored paper to the back. I used some glue spray adhesive. It kind of leaked through onto the front of the pictures when I glued it though. You might actually have a better way of doing this than what I did.

Cut all 12 pieces out and put them all face down on a table to play. Each player gets a turn to turn two cards over to see if they match. If they match, they they pick up two more to see if they match. They go until they don't match, and then it's the other player's turn.

Use for school or at home for fun.

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