Tree of Knowledge 

of Good & Evil Candy Apple


  • Wooden Craft Sticks
  • Pink Chocolate Coating
  • Chocolate Coating
  • Green Gum Paste
  • Leaf Shape Cutter
  • White Sugar Sprinkles, Or any kind of sprinkles
  • Apples


For The Pink Apples:

Take your apples, and stick a wooden craft stick down in the middle.

Melt your pink chocolate, and coat your apple in it.

Dip your apple in sugar about half way. This will give a nice pretty effect.

For The Chocolate Ones:

Take your Chocolate coating, and melt it and dip your apple in that.

Put any kind of sprinkles you want on that one.

Next take your green gum paste and use a leaf cutter on it.

When you get done making the leaf, just stick it on the

                                          apple while the chocolate is still wet, so it will hold.