10 Plagues of Egypt- Locust

Sunday School Lesson

(8th Plague of Egypt)


Recipe and Craft 

Have the kids make this during children's Church and then eat it. You can have your food and craft in one!

 Ten Plagues of Egypt Grasshopper Coloring Page or you can have the kids cut it out and glue to construction paper.

Black and White


The 10 Plagues of Egypt Locust Paper Lunch bag craft


 Ten Plagues of Egypt

Locust Coloring Page or print the color one and laminate to hold it up and tell the story of the 8th plague.


Black and white

Ten Plagues of Egypt-Locust

Printable Template

Print and cut these out and tape to cups, drinks, or add to toothpicks and stick in cupcakes or anything you can think of.


Locust Grasshopper Clipart

Grasshopper Clipart 

Copy and Paste

Locust Grasshopper Clipart

Locust Clipart 

Copy and Paste