Church House Store 

Welcome to the Church House Store that brings fun Bible characters to your front door. The great thing about these items is that you can add or remove the text on these before you buy them. You are able to customize it before you purchase it. What a great thing!  However some items may have words in the picture itself and are not editable.

Got a VBS coming up? If you play games then you could buy a bunch of really cheap prizes and then have a grand prize such as our VBS shirt, VBS Mug, or VBS Apron to give out as the grand prize winner.

If you need to change the name on the VBS theme then you can change that to fit your theme of your Church. That is what makes these items perfect. Any clipart image on any of our sites that we have you may use the clipart image to put on a product of your choice. You can just download the picture to your comptuer and use it how you need to. Just don't sell the products is all we ask.

Here is an idea that you could do. If you want to make cupcake toppers for your class then just take one of our clipart images and go into zazzle and make your own stickers. You will get your stickers in the mail. Then use the peel and stick stickers and place them on your cupcake topper picks that you already have. You can use these for upcoming VBS ideas. Use them however you need. You could also make treat bags and stick the stickers on the front for the kids.

If you want to use the clipart images in an ebook to sell then that is fine too. Just give us a shout out on your ebook. "That would be the nice christian thing to do." Got a question for me and you want to use them for something else then just email me. I will probable let you do it. But you have to ask. Sometimes I get a lot of email, so I might not see you. You can always catch me on facebook though.

Below are just some ideas of what you can do. Get creative and use our clip art to make your own neat product.

Email Me.