President's Day Coin Rubbing Activity

President’s Day Coin Activity

Thin printer paper


Crayons, pencils or colored pencils.


Place a coin on a hard surface. Turn the coin so the picture of a president is facing upward and cover it with the paper. Then rub the sharpened side of a crayon, pencil or colored pencil over the hidden coin to make a coin rubbing. The image of the president will  appear on the paper.

While the children are working, discuss what traits made the presidents on the coin a good leader.  Ask if they think that is how God wanted a leader to act.

Abraham Lincoln- Penny (hard work and fairness)

Thomas Jefferson-Nickel (freedom lover, generous)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt-Dime ( Determination, did not let polio stop him, helped the disadvantaged and poor)

George Washington- Quarter (Honesty and courage.)

John F. Kennedy- Half dollar (Civil rights for all)

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