Mother's Day Wreath

"Thank You Lord For My Mom"

  • Flower Template- with words   without words
  • Paper Plate or Large Round Foam Circle
  • Yellow String or Ribbon
  • Tape
  • Scissors

Decide which flower template you want to print off. If you want the flower with words or no words. The one with words say's, "Happy Mother's Day" "Thank You Lord For My Mom". Just cut all 9 pictures out and tape them around a foam circle. You can also use a paper plate by cutting out the middle and then taping the flower pictures all around it. You could always have the child paint or color the paper plate before they add the pictures on. Tape a yellow ribbon or a piece of yarn to the back of the wreath so they can hang it up. Let them give this pretty Flower Wreath to mom for Mother's Day.

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