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Christmas Play Ideas 

  • "The Christmas Story" for the little bitty kids/ Music-The Christmas Story mp3
  • "The Bully Scene" or "Jesus Hold Me Now"for older kids/Music-Casting Crowns Jesus Hold Me Now mp3
  • "The Nativity Story" for Everyone/Music-The Nativity Scene Soundtrack blended from 6 different songs mp3

Needing some ideas for your Christmas Play? Being in charge of coming up with Christmas plays for your youth can be very hard at times. You may have a large number of children, and giving everyone a part to say something may not be an option. Or it could be right the opposite-not having enough kids to work with. Either way you know how stressful it can get. You want the kids to have a good time and enjoy it, and at the same time you want to have fun while your doing it. I know it shouldn't be a stressful time, but it happens. Also working with kids from ages 1 to 12 can get pretty hard to find a play that will fit into that category.

I have noticed that busting the play into three separate parts can help.  You can have a play for the little bitty kids lets say ages 1-6, and another with the older kids, and another one that includes all of them. This year I have decided to go with no talking parts. It is all musical, and they are acting out the parts to the music. I usually give each child a speaking part in the play in the years past but I thought I would try something new this year. It never hurts to experiment. :) If it goes bad, then hey there is always next year haha.

I usually start my search on AMAZON for mp3 downloads for 99¢. I search and listen to bits and pieces of different songs. I went with THE NATIVITY STORY Soundtrack for my 1st skit and took about 6 songs that I liked. I then sat and listened to each one and prayed about them as I sat there listening to them. I find that God will help you when you need it :)

Then ideas start coming to me for the music that I am hearing. (I do realize that not everyone will be able to do what I am about to explain, but for those who can use the Free Audio Editor to blend music then I would suggest giving it a try.) I then take the first song and upload it into the Free Audio Editor. You can do lot's of stuff in that. You can mix, add, take away, fade, and lots more. This may sound hard, but its really not. Once you give it a try, I think you will like it. Once you have that song uploaded into that editor then you can adjust it there. Then add your other songs and blend them. I then burn that on to a CD.

  • "The Nativity Story" for Everyone/Music-The Nativity Scene Soundtrack blended from 6 different songs mp3
  • I actually called this: "A star shall come forth skit"

For the The Nativity Scene Skit-I decided to go with a play that was based on Mary and Joseph standing there on stage happy, and talking to each other. The music tempo picks up, and Mary is telling Joseph that she is pregnant. His face changes from a happy smile to a concerned look. He is pacing back and forth and Mary is grabbing at his arm to please stop, and listen to her. He walks off saddened not understanding what is going on. Mary walks the other way off stage sad and holding her belly and lightly rubbing her arms across her belly (for her baby inside of her)

Music changes again to slow sad sounding music and Joseph comes back out with his head down. He is so sad. He is kicking the dirt a little. He picks up a a few rocks and skips them. He kicks at the dirt again. He sits down with his head in his hands not understanding what happened to Mary. He drifts off to sleep. Music tempo changes to high pitched angelic sounding music and an angel walks in and walks over to Joseph. The angel whispers in Josephs ear telling him about the situation and it is okay. The angel leaves. Music tempo picks up and is fast now. Joseph jumps straight up out of his sleep and is happy. He runs off stage. Mary and her friends come on to the stage now. They are talking and stirring in their mixing bowls. They are discussing the situation of what happened with Joseph. They are baking.

Suddenly the music changes again and Joseph comes running in and drops to one knee. He holds his arms out to Mary and is saying that he understands now. She is excited and hugs him. The friends leave Mary and Joseph alone. Mary and Joseph walk together outside and Joseph picks Mary a flower and gives it to her. She smells the flower. They are so in love. They sit down on the ground to look at the stars. Joseph is pointing at the sky at the shooting stars and Mary is pointing at the stars too. (Fake stars on a string are lowered)

Music changes tempo again with mean sneaky sounding music. The tax collector marches towards them. Mary and Joseph jump straight up and are face to face with him. He is  telling them to pay their taxes. He is pointing in Joseph's face and yelling at him. The tax collector walks off. Joseph and Mary are upset now. Pressed for time they have to go to Bethlehem. Music changes and they go get the donkey. They load the donkey down with their belongings. Then they begin to march for their long journey. Suddenly Mary goes into labor. She holds her belly and begins to have pains. Joseph is panicking. He is telling her to hold on a minute. He runs to bang on the doors of the houses. Asking for a place. He bangs on the first door and someone answers the door. He shakes his head no. Joseph runs to the next door and bangs on it. The person answers and shakes their head no. He runs back for Mary. He helps her behind a hidden spot on stage. The music is really going now. The donkey is left pacing back and forth in the front waiting on baby Jesus.

Then the music turns soft. Then the donkey runs over to see the baby behind the curtain or hidden spot. They all come out. Mary and Joseph are holding baby Jesus. They sit down holding the baby with the donkey next to them. The music plays, and the light shines on them. Then suddenly all the animals come out one by one and shepherds, and everyone else that was in the play. (like the tax collector, Mary's friends,) A person dressed like a Star comes out and circles or walks back and forth at the end.

Now this was just a Nativity Scene Idea. You can take this idea, and do what you can with it. You can add or take away, or find different music to go with it. I particularly like the The Nativity Story Soundtrack or The Passion Of The Christ Soundtrack. You can really edit, and blend those pieces of music really well.

The other skit is:

  • "The Bully Scene" for older kids/Music-Casting Crowns Jesus Hold Me Now
  • I a actually called this  "Jesus Hold Me Now Skit"

The Bully Scene was another act that went to the music from Casting Crowns "Jesus Hold Me Now". I did not blend this piece of music. I just let it play the whole way through. This is not real Christmasy per say, but it does have a meaning behind it. This one is their favorite skit.

I start the music, and the kid that is bullied comes onto the scene with a bunch of kids sitting at a table. It's a school setting. The teacher is writing on the chalk board and the kids are all sitting at the table. The kid that gets bullied walks in with his backpack on one shoulder. He starts to walk by slowly and the teacher walks out for minute. The boys get up and run over to the boy and one kid slaps his books out of hand. They push at him some. Then they go sit down. The boy picks his book up and then suddenly here comes the girls. They walk over to him and pick on him. They take a piece of his hair and hold it up and make fun it. They take a piece of shirt and hold it out making fun of his clothes. They push at him a little laughing at him. They are being mean to him. They go sit down. When the boy walks over to take his seat one of the mean kids pull a chair out from under him. The boy hits the ground and then jumps up and puts his arm to get the mean boy in a headlock. About that time the teacher walks back in. She grabs the picked on boy by the arm and marches him out. Scene changes. Kids all leave. The boy is in his bedroom now. He walks in throws his backpack down and kicks it. He is upset, and no one understands him. He is pacing back and forth kicking at stuff. He is mad and hurt. He tired of being picked on at school. He sits on his bed. He looks over and sees his bible. He picks it up. He stands up and walks across the room reading it. Flipping page by page reading as he is walking back and forth. Then suddenly he drops to his knees and begins to pray with his bible laid in front of him on the ground. He is praying for help. When he gets done he stands up and puts his bible in his backpack and walks off stage. The kids and teacher go back out. Its the next day. The boy comes to class. He walks in and the kids and teacher march toward him very fast. The boy is scared and backs away. Then they begin to hug him and tell him sorry. The are scruffing his head and saying its okay.  They pull a chair out for him to sit down. He is in shock about what just happened. God answered his prayer. God changed their hearts and made them feel sorry for what they were doing to the boy. The teacher begins to write on the chalkboard again and then hands papers out to the kids. The boy is smiling ear to ear. He is happy that Jesus heard his prayer. Jesus can do anything.

Another Skit is:

 "The Christmas Story" for the little bitty kids/ The Christmas Story


The Christmas Story Song was written for the little bitty kids. The music plays out all the way through with no editing. Mary is standing out there all ready. An angel comes onto the scene flapping their little arms for wings. And stands next to Mary. Joseph comes onto the scene next and hold Mary's hand. Then a donkey comes out when the songs says it. This song is pretty easy to add the little characters into it. If you listen to it you will see what I am talking about. Then a lamb, Cow, Goat, and cute little puppy come out for the animals in the manger.  Then a baby doll of baby Jesus is slid across the stage to them. Mary picks the baby doll up and lays him in a manger behind her. Then a little shepherd with a his sheep comes walking out. Tie a piece of yarn to his clothes with a little stuff sheep attached to it. Have him walk across the stage. Or if you have an extra person which I did not have you can actually make the sheep a person walking out with the shepherd. The star walks out with another shepherd boy, and they walk over to the baby Jesus.  They all kneel down and wait. You can shine a light on them at the end. The end! Its a very simple play to go with the music. If you listen to the words it will direct on when you should have those characters come out. So cute for your tiny ones.

If you want to try one of these, here is the link to buy the AMAZON mp3 downloads. You can just buy it for 99¢. You don't have to buy the whole cd unless you just want to. You would only need the one song.

These are just ideas for you work with. I realize that it may not be an option to edit the music or perhaps you may not know how. But you can use the the other two with no editing and let it play through and have the kids do that. Just pray about it and the Lord will always help, and guide you to make this a great Christmas Play. May the Lord bless you for your efforts with working with the children. :)

The kids can sing songs after the play is over. They can huddle together, and sing 3 songs with no music. If they can't memorize the lyrics then just print these sheets of music out for them.

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