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Christmas Giving Bean Toss


  • Beans
  • Paper
  • Plastic Bowls

Each child gets 20 beans in a bowl to begin.  The children race, in sets of two, across the room carrying the bowl of beans without spilling them.  The winner pours his or her beans in the other player’s bowl.  The person with the beans, must now race someone else.  (The bowls of beans get more full each time, and more difficult to manage.)This continues until someone has collected all the beans. 

Ask the students how they felt when they gave away their beans after winning the race.  Ask how they felt if they received beans.  Explain that being able to give means that you have been blessed.   

Our Take On It: Use this Game Activity to go with the Christmas Giving Sunday School Lesson. There is also a "More Blessed To Give Than To Receive Coloring Page" to along with this in the coloring page section.