Cake Walk Game For Children's Church


Cake Walk Game For Children's Church

Cake Walk Game

Cake Walk Template For Jar-  printable version

This is more like a debbie cake walk. lol  Have parents or kids bring debbie cakes instead of home baked cakes. Make a square on the floor with some masking tape. Then make a smaller square inside of the bigger square. Then tear of pieces of tape to shape numbers inside of each box. Depending on how big you made your square will depend on how many numbers you have.

Take your debbie cake boxes and add a sticky note with a number wrote on it to each box. You could also take the debbie cakes out of the boxes and do them individually if you want them to go farther and make the game last longer.

You will also need a jar to add extra numbers in. For however many numbers you had on the floor then add that to your jar. Just write them on sticky notes and throw it in the jar. You will draw a number out of this jar when the music stops playing. I used a large pickle jar and taped a cake walk paper to the front. Print the cake walk template out if you want and stick it on the front of a large jar. If you are using a smaller jar you will need to cut the picture apart to make it fit however you need. (This is suppose to be an ice cream head that say's Jesus is sweet.)

Have the kids stand on a block. You will need a cd player to start some music. When the music starts have the kids walk around the blocks. Stop the music after the kids have walked around a few times.

Now draw your number out of the jar and call it out. Which ever child is standing on that number will come up and grab a debbie cake with that same number on it. Then start the music up and let the kids go again. Have the child take a seat so the other children will all have a chance to win a debbie cake. If you have tons of debbie cakes then go for a second or third round that includes all the children all over again.

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