Church Signs

Here is some ideas to put on your Church sign. 

God Wants Full Custody, Not Just Weekend Visits.

God Didn't Create Anything Without A Purpose, But Mosquitoes Come Close.

Wrinkled With Burdens? Come To Church For A Faith Lift!

Life Is A Puzzle, Look Here For The Missing Peace!

IPod? IPad? Try, IPray! God Is Listening.

Our Sunday's Are Better Than Dairy Queen!

Dairy Queen Isn't The Only Place With Awesome Sundays!

People Use Duck Tape To Fix Everything. God Used Nails.

If You Don't Like The Way You Were Born, Try Being Reborn Again.

Adam Blamed Eve. Eve Blamed The Snake. The Snake Didn't Have A Leg To Stand On. 

What's Missing From Ch_ _ch?  U  R 

God's Like Coca Cola. He's The Real Thing!

100% Chance Of Heavenly Reign. 

Life Without God Is Like A UnSharpened Pencil. No Point!

The Best Vitamin For A Christian Is B1

Walmart Is Not The Only Saving Place.

In The Dark? Follow The Son!

7 Days Without Prayer Makes 1 Weak

Choosy Moms Choose Jesus.

God Is Like Allstate. Your in Good Hands!

God Recycles! He Made Your From Dust!

Math Lesson- 3 Nails + 1 Cross = 4Given