Jelly Bean Prayer Snack

Jelly Bean Prayer Template-printable version

This is a wild way of serving up a snack for the kids in Sunday school or Children's Church. I made these for my class.

I found some silly straws at the dollar tree and thought, "Hey, I can do something with these". So I took them home and thought, why not poke them down in an apple. You could use something else to stick them down in. Or you could just use the template to tape to Styrofoam cups and fill with snacks.

Try cutting the top off of a paper lunch bag and fill it with snacks like cereal or popcorn, and then tape the Jelly bean template to the front.

Or just make the silly straw with the template taped to it and stick down in a Jelly bean drink . Fill some cups with sprite and drop some Jelly beans down in the cup. Make sure the cup is see through. If you have small children in your class you might not want to do that because they could choke on it. You could try making funny cupcakes by sticking a toothpick into each jelly bean and then sticking them down in the cupcakes. Cover the cupcake in whip cream at Church before they eat them.

Jelly Beans are a really fun way to teach children about the things that God made. Once they learn this they will never look at Jelly Beans the same again.