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Snowman Sunday School Lesson 

This is a free snowman Sunday school lesson plan targeted toward small preschool, toddler, kindergarten aged children. Lesson plans can be adjusted to meet your older child's needs. Just pick what you need down below and click on the link to take you to the page. We have some fun snowman activity pages for the kids to cut out and assemble together. Just have them color it before they cut it out. You can make a snowman cheeseball for children's church class or just let your child make one at the house for fun one night for a tasty snack. It was really easy to make. 

Snowman Sunday School Lesson
Snowman Cheeseball for Snowman Sunday School Lesson
Snowman Sock Craft
Snowman Bulletin Board Idea He will wash you white as snow
Snowman Activity sheet for sunday school
Snowman activity sheet for sunday school

Snowman Activity Sheet With scripture Isaiah 1:18

Just print and color. Cut snowman, arms, hat, scarf, and buttons out. Glue down on construction paper.

Snowman ornaments for church
Snowman coloring pages he will wash you white as snow sunday school christmas


Snowman Coloring Page

Isaiah 1:18-....though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.

snowman gift tags printable
Snowman Reading Bible Coloring Page Isaiah 1:18 Snowman Lesson

Snowman Reading Bible

With Scripture from Isaiah 1:18 Coloring Page

Snowman Snacks for Kids for Sunday school
Snowman Isiah 1:18 You sins washed white like snow maze
Snowman Word in a word Isaiah 1:18 how many words can you make out of

Snowman Isaiah 1:18 Word in a Word

How many words can you make out of: Sins Made White Like Snow

Printable Snowman Writing Paper For Church Isaiah 1:18 Sins washed white like snow
Snowman Holding Bible Template He will wash you white as snow

Snowman Holding Bible

He Will Wash You White As Snow Template 

Print and cut out. Make ornaments, or popsicle stick puppets, tape to lunch bags or cups. You could make a snowman wreath by cutting a hole out of a paper plate and taping these all around it. Tape some yarn to top to hang. Laminate and make a small bulletin board with these scattered snowmen.

Snowman Baby Jesus Sheep Clipart Picture
Snowman Ziplock bag Template Isaiah 1:18 wash you white as snow - snack for kids idea

Snowman Isaiah 1:18 Snack Idea

Sandwich Bag Template

Just print and cut out both squares. Fold over a snack filled ziplock bag 6 1/2 X 5 7/8. Staple on both sides. Hang out to the kids for a cute little snack. Fill with popcorn, marshmallows and pretzels.

Snowman Holding Bible Toilet Paper Roll Craft Isaiah 1:18

Snowman Holding Bible "Isaiah 1:18" Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Black and White

Just print the template out. Color and cut out. Tape to a toilet paper roll. Punch a hole in the back of toilet roll tube and run some yarn through and hang on Christmas tree.

Snowman Holding Bible Isaiah 1:18 Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Snowman Holding Bible 

"Isaiah 1:18 Toilet Paper Roll Craft


Snowman activity sheet for childrens church or sunday school
Snowman Snack Idea For Kids Ziplock Bag Template Isaiah 1:18

Snowman Isaiah 1:18 Ziplock Bag Template

Black and White

Have the kids color this first and then cut it out. Have them fill the ziplock bag with some popcorn and M&M's. Have them fold the template over the bag and staple. Let them give this gift to their parents.

Snowman activity Page Isaiah 1:18 He wash you white as snow scripture writing

Snowman Activity Page 

Write the scripture, draw Jesus next to the clean heart. Look up the scripture from Psalms 51:10 and write it down. Draw snow and a snowman holding a bible.

snowman activity sheet for kids at church Isaiah 1:18 he will wash you white as snow cut out sheet

Snowman Cut Out Sheet

Cut out the snowballs and glue down on construction paper. Add eyes, carrot nose, mouth, buttons, and arms. Draw a scarf if you want. Add a top hat and write the words, "God Rules". Glue cotton balls all over for snow.